. Tai Chi Workshop

  • Delivery: Part-Time
  • Delivery type: Teacher
  • Study location: Main Hall, Oriam
  • Start date: 30 October 2019

Sign up for this free hour long Tai Chi Workshop 

Come and join us in the Main Hall at Oriam on Wednesday 30th October when you will have the chance to participate in a special hour long Taichi Workshop – you need to be quick in signing up though as there are only 25 places available. 


The workshop will begin with a warm up session using the oldest and most traditional form of Tai chi - Chen stylethis type of tai chi builds strengthens your whole body and also practices the stepping and hand movements which are used in martial arts. This will then be followed by Health Qigong Ba Duan Jin which works on making your breathing smoother, helps to give unity of mind and qi (breathing), strengthens muscles and tendons making the body more flexible and improving the union between mind and body.  


This workshop is open to all Heriot Watt University students and staff, it is also open to all Oriam members. The session forms part of HWU Well Being. The session is free but you should sign up via Eventbrite and bring your ticket to the session as it will require to be scanned before you can enter the main hall. If you want to join us please go to our Eventbrite page by using the link below.