. Introduction - When to say what in Chinese

  • Delivery: Part-Time
  • Delivery type: Tutor
  • Study location: Edinburgh
  • Start date: 27 September 2018

Improve your oral Chinese communication skills and know what the correct response is to various situations

This course is designed for students of Chinese who are interested in improving their oral communication skills. As indicated in the course title, the course aims to help students to be able to respond in a culturally appropriate manner to a range of different settings. For example, how to express gratitude and respond to words of gratitude, and also how to respond to someone’s apology, a compliment and how to express your dissatisfaction. 


The classes will be held will be in the Confucius Institute which is based in the Post Graduate Building of Heriot Watt University and will start on Thursday 27th September, from 12.15pm until 1.05pm. All materials will be provided.


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