Archaeology Near and Far



The Director of the Scottish Confucius Institute for Business & Communication, Prof. Ian Baxter, has just returned from China having been invited by the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to join a small group of archaeologists and heritage managers from Scotland and China in a workshop exploring protection, management and utilization of cultural heritage resources. It was led by the Chair of the RSE’s International Committee, Prof. Marian Scott (Glasgow University) and RSE Fellow, Diana Murray (former Chief Executive of Historic Scotland).  The workshop took place in Xi’an, home of the Terracotta Warriors, twin city of Edinburgh, and a hugely popular heritage tourism destination renowned for its well preserved historic environment and museums.  The group of senior-level archaeologists and heritage managers from both countries discussed a range of topics, sites, and examples of different approaches to preserving and presenting archaeology and heritage assets to the public with a view to developing collaborative projects jointly funded in a RSE-CASS scheme which will strengthen links between professionals in both countries.  Through its own heritage activity stream, Heriot-Watt’s Confucius Institute will support the onward development of the collaboration, and will host a follow-up meeting shortly to bring the Scottish workshop members back together to identify specific joint projects to pursue.