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L-R: Wen Xiuying, Jin Xu, Ruth Moir, Si Bingjun


Minister Counsellor Jin Xu Visited Scottish Confucius Institute for Business and Communication


  赫瑞瓦特大学校长助理、孔子学院理事会理事鲁斯·莫伊尔(Ruth Moir)女士向客人介绍了赫瑞瓦特大学以及孔子学院的建校、建院历史及发展战略,并希望能够在使馆商务处的帮助下,以孔子学院为平台,加强与中国驻英国及中国国内企业在科学研究、人员培训等领域的合作与交流。           





On 18th May 2015, Jin Xu, Minister Counsellor for Economic and Commercial of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the UK, and his party visited the Scottish Confucius Institute for Business and Communication (SCIBC).

Ruth Moir, the Assistant Principal of Heriot-Watt University and Director of the Advisory Board of SCIBC, briefed on the history and development strategy of HWU and SCIBC. She hoped that HWU and Chinese enterprises in Scotland, with the assistance of the Minister Counsellor and his party, could establish close links for both scientific research and business communication. Afterwards Professor M. Mercedes Maroto-Valer introduced the guests the Energy Academy and the status quo of their collaboration with Chinese enterprises.

Mr. Jin expressed his heart-felt thanks for Ruth Moir's warm welcome and congratulations on HWU's international reputation for her achievements in Actuary, Energy Engineering, Interpreting, etc. It boasts of more than 400 Chinese enterprises in the UK now, he said. They are willing to set up close links with local universities, including HWU, in such areas as academic research, internship for students, language or other subject trainings, etc. He believed that SCIBC, as the only business CI in Scotland, would undoubtedly make its due contributions to the Scotland-China business cooperation and communication.

Introduced by Minister Counsellor, Si Bingjun, the Managing Director of PetroChina International (London) Co., Ltd.and Chairman of the Chinese Enterprise Association of Britain, elaborated the prospects of cooperation from four aspects, namely renewables and energy industry, research projects, trainings, and high tech materials.  

The afterward discussion focused on the opportunities for furthering university-industry links in specific areas of research, as well as capacity building through postgraduate and CPD programmes. Professor Xiuying Wen, Professor Mercedes Maroto-Valer, Profesor Dorrik Stow and Tony Weir were involved in presentations and discussions about the University, the Confucius Institute, the Energy Academy and other areas of research, teaching and collaboration with industry.  

After the discussion, the Minister Counsellor and his party visited the Robotics Laboratory of HWU, led by Professor Nick Taylor, from the School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences and Deputy Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics. 

Before his departure, Mr.Jin Xu wrote down his best wishes for SCIBC.


 Assistant Principal Ruth Moir Briefing on the Development Strategy of HWU 

Hosts and Guests Discussing the Possible Areas for Collaboration

 Minister Counsellor Jin Xu Visiting the Interaction Lab 

Minister Counsellor Jin Xu Inscribing for CI

Hanban Mandarin Teacher Zhai Li Performing Tea Ceremony for Hosts and Guests