Mr. Chi Zhang Mr. Chi Zhang




The Art of Chinese Calligraphy is a Profound Chinese Cultural Heritage

—CI Open Day Seminar Series (II)—Chinese Calligraphy Held at Scottish Confucius Institute for Business and Communication 






‘The art of Chinese Calligraphy is a profound Chinese cultural heritage and a symbol of Chinese nation,’ said Chi Zhang, an Edinburgh based Chinese Calligraphy / Brush Painting artist, in a workshop of the CI Open Day Seminar Series (II)—Chinese Calligraphy held at Scottish Confucius Institute for Business and Communication (SCIBC).

On the afternoon of Wednesday 29th April 2015, Mr. Zhang, with handy-picked slides, introduced to the audience the Four Treasures of the Study for Chinese scholars, i.e. the basic tools and materials of Chinese Calligraphy:  brush, ink, paper and inkstone, detailed the categories and functions of them, and demonstrated the ways of using them. Afterwards, supplemented with selected masterpieces of different historical periods, he presented the evolvement of Chinese calligraphy from Jiaguwen (Oracle bone inscriptions), Jinwen (Bronzeware inscriptions) to Zhuan (Seal-styled character), Li (Official script), Kai (Regular script), Xing (Semi cursive script) and Cao (Cursive script). Finally, Mr. Zhang, taking the Chinese character Yong (Eternity) as an example, analysed the eight basic strokes of Kai (Regular script), the most popular calligraphic style, which greatly aroused the passion of the audience to try their hand. 

At the beginning of the event,    Zhang, dipping his brush with rich ink, wrote a big Chinese character FU (Good Luck, Blessing) to express his best wishes to SCIBC.