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Chinese Ink Painting Workshop Held at Scottish Confucius Institute for Business and Communication  






  这是Liapin夫人第二次参加赫瑞瓦特大学孔子学院的开放日活动。这次的主题是中国水墨画 513日在苏格兰商务与交流孔子学院举办,同两周前的中国书法主题活动一脉相承。由爱丁堡中国画家张弛主讲,孔子学院院长温秀颖教授主持。 

‘Well, please take a photo for me and my panda.’

Ms Liapin was very excited when she finished her first ink painting of Panda and Bamboo. It was really amazing to Ms Liapin as well as all the participants that a panda would come vividly into being with simply two brushes, a piece of rice paper and some ink.

Different from Western paintings, traditional Chinese ink paintings have no specific perspective; neither do they devote any particular care to the luxuriance of colour. Kaleidoscopic changes are produced just with water and ink. Observing closely, you may find that each part of the painting can be an independent piece with its own flavour.

It is also fascinating to enjoy scroll paintings by unfolding them expectantly inch by inch, which represent a Chinese way of gradual aesthetic appreciation, as opposed to the ‘taking-everything-in-a-glance’ appreciation of oil painting. 

The event, led by Chi Zhang, an Edinburgh-based Chinese artist, was held at Scottish Confucius Institute for Business and Communication on Wednesday 13th May 2015.