About the institute people sat around business table

The Institute

The Confucius Institute for Business and Communication opened at Heriot-Watt in June 2014. We’re one of over 350 Confucius Institutes around the world and the fifth in Scotland. However, we’re the only Confucius Institute in Scotland dedicated to business and communication — making us unique north of the border.

The new Institute offers a wide range of services to promote educational, economic and cultural links between Scotland and China. Building on Heriot-Watt’s global reputation and well-developed Chinese strategy, we aim to:

  • Forge exciting new partnerships
  • Attract more students to study in Scotland, and
  • Foster joint research and academic collaborations.

By doing so, the Institute will help Scottish companies establish working relations with China. We will also provide more Chinese language learning, making us a great resource for business. Plus, we will be able to identify specific business needs and provide tailored programmes, including workshops and consultancy services. But above all, the Institute will promote greater understanding between the two countries — underlining the importance that Heriot-Watt places on global collaboration.

Working together

Here at the Institute, we work closely with our partner in China — Tianjin University of Finance and Economics. We also complement the work of the other Confucius Institutes in Scotland and help various partners with their Chinese strategies, such as offering Chinese students as language assistants in schools. We’re also helping the Scottish Government in its strategy to improve business and educational links with China and encourage Chinese investment in Scottish industry and infrastructure